Cadillac VIP Service Almost Drove Me to Range Rover

It has been 20 years since I have driven a Cadillac, as you all know I love Rolls Royce and Bentley Motor Cars. I also love SUVs and nice ones, so I thought Escalade, ESV and a Platinum Edition…perfect! The following is my experience in making my purchase of a 2012 and the BULLSHIT that Cadillac calls “VIP Service.” And the guy in charge of it is none other than Tony Fusciardi, District Manager of Cadillac for this part of California…LMAO, if this guy calls and you know it is him, DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE! Here is my story!

The first time I visited a Keyes Dealership it appeared that Howard Keyes and Howard Tenenbaum had just purchased it and some of the prior “dead wood” was still present in the form of sales staff, the worst! Now let me tell you about Keyes Woodland Hills Buick GMC Cadillac! Things are very different now and it is so much better, much better. Hovik Khachekian is the man in charge of the service department and is a delight to deal with, always engaging, always dressed well and does what he says he is going to do. Hovik could end up being a General Manager I predict, he has the touch and wisdom and knows customer service. Hmmm maybe Cadillac Motor Division should make Mr. Khachekian the “District Manager”? Sam is one of the service writers and he too is a nice fellow to deal with when your car is in need of service. Howard Tenenbaum is one of the owners and is always just a phone call away, this is a huge conglomerate of dealerships (stores) if you will. As you can see when you visit Keyes Woodland Hills Buick GMC Cadillac to buy a car this place is not like it once was and I like it…you know, for me to say “I like something” is a big deal. Not easy to make John J. Nazarian “happy.”

Hovik, Dennis and John at Keyes

Hovik, Dennis and John at Keyes

Back to my decision, one evening I call Howard and ask who I should speak to at his Cadillac store who can help me in what I want, a 2012 Cadillac Escalade ESV, Platinum Edition. Howard tells me to ask for Dennis Bala, Dennis is the new General Manager of the dealership. I drop in one night and in about 30 minutes I am ready to roll. Easy, pleasant and again a good experience…just keep away from Fusciardi!

So I thought…enter the picture “Cadillac VIP Service,“ the only thing different with “Cadillac VIP Service” and “pig crap”…let me think, there is none!!! I call Dennis Bala and tell him that I had not driven the 2012 Escalade and would like to drive one for a few days before I take delivery of mine. Dennis trying his best to make that happen tells me about “Cadillac VIP Service” and puts me in touch with Tony Fusciardi, “District Sales Manager.” Now I am thinking perfect, a Big Shot, a Wheel, email, So I get to speak to Tony and let me say this, speaking with Mr. Fusciardi was like talking to a semi-conscious street person, reason they too could not get me a 2012 Escalade to drive! The reason that Cadillac and GM went bankrupt to begin with is directly related to people with the mentality that Mr. Fusciardi has. I cannot imagine the misery of being a Cadillac dealer and having to deal with this nitwit. Fusciardi is Cadillac’s representative aka Mr. Cadillac and he can’t get me a 2012 Escalade to drive, worse yet, I am buying one!

It was Tony Fusciardi’s idea of “VIP Service” that almost had me driving a 2012 Range Rover. I get a call from Kristy Rubi who tells me she is with “Cadillac VIP Service” and can let me “drive a 2011 Escalade Hybrid”…what? Then she tells me that is all they got and the rest is for the “writers of automotive magazines”…LMAO, good see if they are buying a 2012? Why would “Cadillac VIP” offer a car that is almost a year old to a guy like me? It was almost like they were throwing me a bone, sure, like I was a member of some third world country and was getting my first taste of “one of dem fancy automobiles with dah fancy lights” I am buying a 2012 with a 6.2 gas engine, I am looking for “gusto”…Hybrid?

Tony Fusciardi tells me when I call and ask him what happened tells me, “maybe we should have done our homework better” in reference to dealing with me, Dah! He is the district manager and cannot get a 2012 for a BUYER to drive for awhile??? Dennis Bala and Hovik Khachekian did the hard work. My question is how did Mr. Fusciardi get this position? Cadillac Motor Division, wake up, the cream did not rise to top in your selection of Mr. Fusciardi for a “district manager,” not sure I would be sleeping well at night, Mr. District Manager could not get a car for a BUYER of his divisions product to drive….bottom line is this. Cadillac was once the “Standard of the World,” there is a possibility of that title coming back, someday, maybe. There is no such thing as “Cadillac VIP Service“ is total BULLSHIT. There is no “VIP” anything for working guys like me and many of my readers. Please don’t waste your time calling Tony Fusciardi, this guy couldn’t get you a donut at Winchell’s.

PS: when I told Mr. Fusciardi that I would be driving a 2012 Range Rover he could have cared less, sure this guy is perfect for the competition. VIP Service at Cadillac is just like “Yellow Carpet” service at the local used car lot, sure, stand right here and wait, someone will “piss” on you…Bravo, Mr. Fusciardi!!!

Jim McVicar and John

Jim McVicar and John

PPS: Upon purchasing my new Escalade I was given a course in its operation by Jim MacVicar, sales consultant. Jim was patient with me and gave of his time in showing me and my son all the gizmos and gadgets this car has. Jim has been in the car business for over 14 years and was a pleasure to deal with…maybe Jim could take Mr. Fusciardi’s place, Jim understands making a BUYER happy in their purchase of a Cadillac product, thanks Jim!

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