Marie Callender’s Petty Pie Policy

Why does anyone go to Marie Callender’s except for pie, even if you go for lunch or an early supper why else do you really go? PIE! Well this evening as I was passing through Lancaster, California I and one of my sons and my daughter-in-law and grandson thought, “hey, lets stop for supper.” Well the food at these restaurants tends to be good to fair and this one was no exception, remember it is the “pie.” We stop at Marie Callender’s 1649 West Avenue K, Lancaster, California 93534 661-945-6958, come for the pie and have a little supper too, why not?

I order a Chicken Divan for 13.99, Johnny orders Shrimp-Angel Hair Pasta 10.99 and my daughter-in-law orders a chicken pot pie for 12.99. A few other items are ordered and as I stated the food is not bad and we need to remember after all we are in Lancaster, California (back in the 70’s and 80’s this area was going to be the BOOMTOWN…well it went bust and has been pretty much a haven for low incomes and now it is a BOOMTOWN for foreclosures and not much more).

We know we are in trouble when Christy the waitress brings us our plate of chicken wings and no serving plates. Trouble factor number two was when she was made aware that my grandson was going to sample all of our main courses and yup, you guessed it no plate for James. You could tell that the whole idea of appropriate dining is escaping this one…I am sure Christy is a graduate of Denny’s college of poor service and “who cares as they are more likely passing through anyway and won’t be coming back.”

Well we finish our supper and we are asked if we want some pie? I ask and we all agree that we want Banana Creme pie, four slices. I ask, “how much is a slice?” we are told $4.00 something each, almost five bucks, when we walked into this pie haven we saw the signs, “7.99 for a whole pie.” So what do I do? I order two pies, one I was assuming we could eat here at our table, right? Wrong. We are told that we cannot eat the $7.99 Marie Callender pie at the table, even though we are paying for it and eating it at MARIE CALLENDER’S restaurant where we just finished supper and are still seated, no if we want to eat pie we have to buy the same slices for $4.90 + per piece. The manager comes over and explains “Dems the rules.” If we want to eat any pie at our table it has to be the more costly slice, even though they delivered us the pies at our table!

Now for the kicker, IF we had ordered the “special” for under $10.00, we would get a slice of pie each for FREE! FREE, you are hearing me right! We made the unfortunate mistake of ordering the more costly meals that FREE PIE was not offered and thus could not eat the Marie Callender’s PIE that we PAID FOR, sold at the same place we ate, and would be the same FREE pie we would have gotten had we ordered the “special”…Friends and readers, this is what is wrong with America today. NO COMMON SENSE!!!

I made it very clear to my manager friend here at the place that should be called “Silly Pies” that I was going to do all in my power to make this the best known Marie Callender’s in the country for FREE PIE unless you pay for a whole one, one you can eat at your table the other not going to happen, dems da rules! And we will be talking about this on STRAIGHT TALK with John J. Nazarian in a few days and will try to get KTLA to run it also…this is hilarious. So if you are ever passing through Lancaster on the 14 freeway…skip this place, the food is fair and the service hard to interpret and don’t even think of buying a whole pie and eating it, at least at your table.


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October 10, 2011
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8 Responses to Marie Callender’s Petty Pie Policy

  1. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    Here is a thought Ms. Marie Callender, why not charge a 2-3 dollar sur charge for eating a whole pit at the table…. you still get the cost of the pie that can be on most days $12.00 plus and you keep a happy customer.
    maybe keep you out of Bankruptcy were you find yourself now!

  2. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    I put a call into the corporate offices of this chain in Irvine, California and was told to call
    Vivian Brooks at 774-452-4270 for a comment….left her a message and sent an e-mail.
    This chain it is being reported IS in Bankruptcy!
    TIP: Sell more pie and let the people eat it….at the restaurant…we would have coffee and milk if we had been given the chance…..Corporate and Mgmt arrogance.

  3. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    I also called the restaurant and asked to speak to someone in ‘Mgmt’ and was told someone would call back…..we wait!

  4. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    OK, I just spoke with ‘Mike’ the franchise operator of the Lancaster, Marie Callender’s. A nicer guy I dont think you could find, he was reasonable and easy to talk to…..BUT we have the corporate policy that prohibits us from eating a whole pie at the table??????? And thus just might be the reason the chain is in F’N BANKRUPTCY….wake up big corporation…..Marie is spinning in a banana creme filled casket!

  5. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    Breaking News, Lancaster – Palmdale is known as the Antelope Valley! LMAO And they have a Mayor so says ‘SilverBags’, thanks!
    Also from Las Vegas, I am informed that I was to get a ‘slice of pie’ for free with that miserable angel hair dish….Hmmm, would it have come on a plate I wonder?

  6. zbull141 says:


  7. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    Vivian Brooks never called back maybe she is waiting for a check from her employers before she responds….or, she too has disappeared as fast as this chains locations!

  8. John J. Nazarian P.I. says:

    Right again I am! Visit YELP and see what a handful of other misfortunates had to say about this ‘Pie Hell’…..and the comments on the Banana Creme pie was right on, weak with brown bananas…looked like they bought the Bananas at
    Vallarta Markets!

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