Some lessons from Daman Wayans Jr.’s day in court

Damon Wayans, Jr.
Always the place for interesting stories, the Stanley Mosk Superior Courthouse…and I love this place as you can learn, yup I said it, learn. You will learn what to expect when you decide to pull the trigger and divorce ol’ Useless. That could be either a him or a her, most often it is him but sometimes her. As I have often stated and believe with all my heart, by sitting and listening in the courtrooms here, you will hear what you should and should not say.

Today in Department 88, Judge Gordon’s court, I stumbled in and a few moments later the Wayans case was called. Damon Wayans Jr. was there as well as Aja Metoyer, the mother of one of his children. Aja was with her lawyer, Eric M. Moses, nice address, 1901 Avenue of the Stars, 2nd Floor, Century City, nice. Damon was pro per. Mr. Moses has been in the legal field for 20 years and family law for 5, he should have gone into defending drug dealers and perverts, they pay better! It is my opinion that Mr. Moses was attempting to do a couple of things. My initial piece on this was a little rough on Mr. Moses. The judge advised him that he had the wrong sections filed for what he was asking for and one thing was very outstanding. Mr. Moses wanted to see about getting paid…LMAO! It seems for some divorce lawyers this is no problem at all. Mr. Moses was trying to get paid and he is entitled and it is the rule, that he/she who has the money has to pay. Is this fair, I don’t think it is always but at times it is needed, litigation is costly. My advice to Mr. Moses, get some money up front…it might be all you will see.

Ms. Metoyer made a fatal mistake when she put her mouth in gear and left her brain in neutral. She clearly stated “My child,” people, it is always “Our Child,” no matter how jealous you are and how much you cannot stand the new “Mrs.”, keep it real, it is always about the children and not you, the jealous hateful parent. Mr. Moses should have given his client a heads up as to what is appropriate and what is not good to say. This misstep is often a clue to the court that there is a problem. A problem that is being channeled to the children in an attempt to alienate one parent towards the other. All in front of her lawyer…I do feel that Mr. Moses should have had a lid in his hand to cover her pie hole as I could tell that she is one of those who need “mouth control.” What Damon Wayans Jr. was asking for was reasonable and fair, and he came across clear as a bell and likable. Ms. Metoyer was also likable in her own way, but she also came across as still feeling very jilted and very jealous towards Mr. Wayans’ new family and his kids from that relationship. Then came the cheap shots from Mr. Moses in trying to salvage what was a bad day in court for him. When I say a bad day in court, Mr. Moses and I spoke recently and he explained to me the difficulty he was having and was on board to make sure that Mr. Wayans has a place in the children’s lives, and I believe him. And folks, I believe what he was telling me.

Speaking for his client and trying to do her bidding, it was stated that when the children stay with Mr. Wayans they are not fed, they don’t do homework and they don’t bathe…I say BS. It sounded juvenile and worst of all a cheap shot. Judge Gordon warned the parties that if they continued to throw accusations around that “third parties” would have to get involved. That would mean evaluators, psychologists, minors counselors and a gaggle of misfits that would work up some bills that will make you wish you never made those silly accusations in court. Folks, to some degree this is a vicious game, and being cute and cutthroat will only work against you and your wallet. Note: Lawyers throwing “cheap” shots is also a BIG part of the game.

Again Mr. Moses made a plea to the court for money aka “support,” and made an interesting comment that his client “has not worked in years”…about time girlfriend finds a career. Damon Wayans, Jr. has been paying and being as fair as he can be, my opinion. Then Judge Gordon made it clear what that was going to be and that too is a very ugly time for the person paying. Again, keep it real or one of these bench officers is going to make it real, very real. My advice to both of these people, Mr. Wayans you did good today, Ms. Metoyer you did terrible today and after a closer look, it was your fault. As I stated above, your lawyer should have had a lid or been able to pull the plug to keep you quiet. I for one think that if you bury the hatchet and think clearly of where you want to be at some point, speaking for yourself would be the way to go. But after a second thought, I think your speaking for yourself is not an option, KEEP MOSES!

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  1. John says:

    I agree, she shouldn’t have even spoken, but you forgot to mention the part about Sean Collinson working some magic and settling the matter out in the hallway. When parties settle out of the courtroom, its always a win-win as nobody wants the court holding power over your life. Third parties appointed by the court are a dangerous thing! I watched Collinson in action on this case and I’ve seen his work before, that kid’s got star power. Ms. Metoyer should keep Moses and Moses should keep Collinson.

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