Coyote in the Court

CoytotesReaders and fans you all know how I often report that as one grows older, the world gets smaller. Well I am down at the Stanley Mosk Tuesday on another matter and I was going to get something at one of the snack bars and ended up on the second floor…when out of nowhere comes Detective Martha DeFoe! Without a question she could have been one of “Charlie’s Angels,” she is one of the best-looking female cops in The City of Angels. Detective Olivia Joya is another one…but you would not want either one of these two on your ass! They are relentless and know the cop business.

Detective DeFoe is assigned to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Threat Management Unit, the first unit of its type in the United States (it was set up years ago) that deals with people messing with celebrities and related issues. They are fast and silent as the U.S. Secret Service, and if you want to threaten celebrities in this town get ready to deal with T.M.U. For much of my career I have dealt with this team, and when you bring your celebrity client to them, you can rest assured they will handle it quickly and professionally, and I emphasize the word PROFESSIONAL. Threat Management Unit is headed up by Supervising Detective Jeff Dunn…if you ever have the opportunity to meet Detective Dunn you will understand why he leads this very elite group.

I ask Detective DeFoe what she’s doing in this place…Criminal Courts no surprise, but here at the “Stanley?” She tells me that she is here this morning on a case involving the former husband of Pauley Perrette, and I ask, “Coyote Skivvers” and she corrects me, and tells me the name is “Coyote Shivers.” Yes, now I have his name right, Coyote as in the dog that howls at night and then sneaks into your yard and kills and carries away your little dogs and cats and then eats them in the shadows. Shivers, as in when your dog gets wet and trembles, so there you have it, Coyote Shivers, very interesting name. I have no idea why some would advocate getting rid of coyotes, after all was it is we who have encroached on the land that they roam, and I have to say that the few times I have seen these furry beasts they are in a way mystical and charming….not so much this Coyote, an aging wannabe rock star who preys on women instead of chihuahuas. Part-time DJ, full-time pain in the ass.

Detective DeFoe was present to testify as to the arrest of Coyote in reference to the domestic violence against one Jaime Broyles, case number BQ027571. I asked Ms. Broyles for a comment on the charges and she told me that she did not desire to speak about them. No worries here, I very much understand and that was a good position to take. The hearing was going to be held in 2C, Commissioner Anthony Jones courtroom….but here is the rub, The Coyote was entitled to one continuance and he took it…so till next time.

I overheard Mr. Shivers, when asked if he had any witnesses, say he would call Detective DeFoe to the stand…I guess running onto a busy freeway with your hair on fire would be the second biggest mistake.

Pauley Perrette is still represented by one of the best lawyers in the city, Ronald Litz.

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  1. giddle Partridge says:

    Finally! Let’s see he stalked and harassed his wife previous to Pauley Perrette ( my dear friend), BeBe Buell first and continues 12 years later to do so! Raped Angela Garber! Pauley has had him in court for 6 years now on all sorts of charges, and trust me they are pure evil as he is! And now, just as a leopard never changes his spots, he is in court with his recent ex Jamie for Domestic Violence!
    WOW! What a class act…
    And today he had his Facebook page shut down and removed due to Harassment and stalking!!
    This guy doesn’t learn.

  2. robert Sherman Constance Cooper says:

    Hooray!!!!!!!! I only run into him maybe once a year and when I do it’s like running into the devil’s helper!

  3. lorelei says:

    i love coyote! 🙁

  4. Brice O'Reilly says:

    When I see any woman writing “I love Coyote” with a little sad face I have to cringe!! What does this guy have to do to wake these poor chicks up?

    Please be sure to keep us posted on the outcome of the latest arrest and court hearings. Why don’t they just send the guy back to Canada since he married the first two wives under false pretense and to secure a green card? After what he did to both of them and in PUBLIC- isn’t the INS at all interested in his status? His alien status was obtained by being a con man.

    So, this most recent victim- Jamie Broyles- is the one after Ms. Perrette?
    There is a TV personality from Brazil named Mayra Dias Gomes who is 21 and from what I’ve heard is his newest companion. She is an MTV type star and she does interviews with lots of music celebrities. Of course he would want her connections!
    So now what? He’s going to take this to South America where they don’t know his history?
    Can’t this very young girl be warned? Considering she is a public figure isn’t this doable?

    This guy has got to be stopped from moving from woman to woman and living a lie. How many more young girls have to have their money and reputations stolen?
    It makes me ill Mr. Nazarian.
    What shocks me is how he is able to continue this con. How and why do these women fall for this BS?

  5. Glen Marshall says:

    This sure looks like a website devoted to character assassination. It seems so lifelike you almost think its real.

  6. Brice O'Reilly says:

    Character assassination??? Look Einstein, the guy kept his first TWO wives in court for YEARS!
    He is from Canada and is only living in the USA as a result of his marriage to both of his ex wives. NOW the latest ex in his life- this Jamie Broyles person- is also claiming abuse and harassment?
    Are you trying to tell me that all these women are lying and that Mr. Shivers is an innocent bystander?

    You are probably someone that he has known since he was a kid or something because only a person who doesn’t REALLY know him anymore would defend his actions.

    I guess he wasn’t satisfied with free room and board- he wanted MORE! I guess he wasn’t satisfied with all the good fortune the exes in his life provided for him- he wanted MORE…

    Yea, and I guess, if I were to believe your observation-that the LAPD and the Detectives who have dealt with him are also nuts? This is all fake and Mr. Shivers is just a poor little middle aged man who is now running around with a 21 year old because he is not trying to land yet another meal ticket?

    Sure Mr. Marshall- sure! Get a life and I hope the INS throws him out of the USA. He does not deserve to get to live her and assault our women.
    I wonder if he pays taxes like the rest of us. Does he even have a job??

  7. John J. Nazarian says:

    Mr. Marshal there is no character assassination on this site, the facts, just the facts. If some of these assholes come across as assholes, well, if it walks like a duck and F’n quacks, must be a duck!

    John J. Nazarian

  8. Brice O'Reilly says:

    I made a typo in my last entry. Last paragraph- “he does not deserve to get to live HERE and assault our women.”

    Another observation that I think is important. When you get an alien residency card- get to live here legally- get an SS#- a green card- you are supposed to work and pay taxes.
    Usually the person is with an AMERICAN spouse who makes that possible.
    Now Mr. Shivers is dating a young girl from Brazil who is not a legal resident of this country. He is making sure everyone in Los Angeles knows about it. He flaunts it all over the place.
    So who is keeping BOTH of them in the country?
    How long can you coast on the “visitor” thing?

    Aren’t tax records public? All this court stuff is, right? PUBLIC RECORD!
    It may be hard to pin any of it down considering that he has had so many different names.
    The official name? Court record deem it as “Francis Shivers”.
    This guy is a real piece of work!
    Where is the INS and why aren’t they investigating him?
    Do you know Mr. Nazarian?

  9. Landis Lee Bender II says:

    I know this young Brazilian of whom you are speaking, although I have never personally met her myself. I have, however, attempted to warn her of the situation regarding her boyfriend. Fact is, whether everything said about Shivers is the God honest truth or a complete fabrication, his financial and legal situation certainly doesn’t make for a stable relationship. I have also attempted to inform her that if she intends to marry Mr. Shivers and apply for residency having arrived here with a tourist visa (and with the premeditated idea of marrying Mr. Shivers as the blogs and other posts would hint at), then she will, in all likelyhood, be turned down by Homeland Security for immigration fraud. Unfortnately, I received no response to my messages. I can, but won’t speculate on the reasons for that, but having married a Brazilian girl, obtaining a fiancee visa legitimately, and dealing with homeland security for three years to ensure everything was done by the books, I hope I know what I’m talking about in regards to the laws and regulation of immigration. Having entered the country with a tourist visa, a tourist has legal right to stay here up to 180 days in a year. Personally I hope their relationship is legitimate and nobody gets hurt… but I can’t say I wouldn’t be a bit peeved if Homeland Security just said “come on in and stay!” having had to go through all the legitimate and legal channels.

  10. Ralph Levy says:

    This immigration stuff has got to get tougher.
    From what I’m gathering here, Mr. Shivers (or whatever his name really is) is Canadian. Only able to be living in the USA from his previous two marriages to American women.
    I would think that the INS would look this over with a fine tooth comb. It is situations like this that ruin it for legit hard working people who want to make a go of the American dream.
    And if he is living in the USA, not working or paying taxes, then he needs to be reported and investigated. I’m sure with all this legal trouble he is being looked at by the right professionals. I hope so.

    From what I can also gather he has an enormous case history in the LA Court system. He overused the Courts and he has been shut down. This is public record. Mr. Nazarian, wasn’t he ruled a VL by the Courts? That is very serious.

    It is also apparent he is doing this with abandon and in my opinion just trying to con money out of his contacts and marriages. He was recently arrested for harassing an attorney. That is not small potatoes.

    A Google search of both he and the young girl from Brazil concludes she is someone who works and has a career. That sounds like a pattern- Ms. Perrette is also very successful. His glory days seem to have peaked during his marriage to his first wife Ms. Buell. After that divorce in 1999 you don’t hear much about him. A role in some S&M film and an indie record. Nothing as viable or real as the women.

    I highly doubt this is all fabrication. His history can’t be this entwined with LAPD for nothing.

    Hustler, con man, lazy rocker, all of the above? These women keep falling for him, marrying him and he keeps them in Court if they try to leave or escape. If it had only happened one time, I might think it could possibly be hearsay. But this is looking like a repeat offender. You have to question and wonder about any man who goes so gun ho after he exes.
    The videos he made about Ms. Perrette, that are all over You Tube, are stomach turning. Who goes to that much effort to tarnish someone’s reputation?

    He seems unstable and possibly off his rocker.
    I worry about the newest one because of her age and there is a language barrier. She probably has no idea what she is getting herself into. No idea at all. That is the part I find alarming.
    Someone should alert her parents, her handlers (if she has any) and hope she figures it out.
    That said, most men that have this talent of conning women are very versed in their trade so it may be too late.
    What a horrible story Mr. Nazarian.
    Why can’t the system do more?

  11. Micko says:

    Too late. It is officially announced they are getting married. In the South American press. She is 22- just barely, and he is 44 soon to be 45.
    She is far too young to know better.
    Very sad.
    Poor girl.

  12. FreakMagnet says:

    Mayra’s dad was one of the biggest screenwriters of Brazil. Countless hit series, even Oscar nominations. Point is they are a wealthy, full of connections family. Well, don’t need to go further on that.

    Wonder what they would think of Shiver’s background?

    Mayra’s also have a bad rep in Brazil. She’s part of the groupie scene and plays herself as a working metal journalist for the very very occasional MTV gig, but rumour is she doesn’t get paid…

  13. Micko says:

    Like I said, too late. This poor girl’s father is dead and her mother and sister are not informed. According to very reliable sources, they have arrived on USA shores this weekend to meet their new son in law. Mr. Shivers, or whatever his name is, is doing everything he can to fool them. He wants to get that ring on Mayra’s finger so he can do to her what he has to every single other woman he has managed to con.
    He has gone so far as to put himself back on Facebook after being BANNED by changing letters in his name. He is there now as CYOTE SCHIVERS. Everyday putting pics of him and his dog to look all innocent. I friended him on there pretending to be a fan so I see first hand just how far he is taking this.
    I cannot believe he is getting away with this.
    I tried to contact one of his exes to see if she would help and she refused- said she was far too frightened of him to ever do that. “Terrified” was the word she used.
    Then she blocked me on Facebook.
    So I have no way anymore of trying to warn anyone.
    I heard that Mayra Dias Gomes’ mother is younger than the Shivers man.
    This is a terrifying incident.
    He will worm his way into another connected family and the rest is to be seen. I shutter to think what may happen next.

  14. Micko says:

    Any updates on this guy’s trial?
    I thought he was supposed to only get ONE continuance? Its almost March- isn’t he up for trial soon?
    He’s all over LA riding on the coattails of his infant “wife”. She is everywhere with her job and he is nowhere hanging onto her and staking his claim.
    Sound like a pattern?
    I hope this girl wakes up sooner than later…

  15. Anthony says:

    WTF? This is a real trip! People writing here start off by saying they don’t know much about Coyote Shivers and suddenly post all sorts of inside information?! I don’t know much about his criminal case, but I do know that there is no pattern between his women. His new wife is a famous writer, but Pauley Perrette was still a struggling actress when she married him, and Bebe Buell is a fucking joke
    The woman was only ever known for having fucked a whole bunch of rock musicians, nothing else. She lucked out when she got pregnant with Steven Tyler’s baby, and that’s about it. She’s got to be about sixty years old and still milks famous guys she had sex with forty years ago! Lame!! Coyote Shivers seems to be kind of a nutcase, but at least he is getting smarter with who he marries!

  16. Micko says:

    Hey Anthony- cough cough- being abusive to women on here is kind of stupid. Singling out Shivers first wife is also kind of stupid considering none of us would have even heard of him if not for her and her daughter. Now he is a wanna be never was because of that association. Able to get himself in the media.
    The information on here is NOT inside info. It is obtainable from the interviews that Shivers has given to In Touch Magazine, his You Tube videos (four to date), his numerous lawsuits that are public record, his hate filled rants and blogs.
    After a quick search of both Perrette and Buell it is obvious they both had a lot going for them BEFORE Shivers came into their lives.
    According to online facts, Bebe Buell was born in July 1953- making her 56. She is married for over a decade to her musical partner. They just released a new album to critical acclaim. She has dated some rock stars in her day but that was in the 70’s when she was a Playboy Centerfold and model. Models and Rock Stars do hang out together. This is not rocket science.
    Her daughter credits her with her success and she and Bebe are very close attending events together.
    I also was able to view several photos of Bebe and her ex, the father of her daughter, taken recently so they seem to still be friends.
    I guess lashing out and taking the low road is how the Shivers posse rolls.
    I’m glad you posted this. It proves what these women have been saying.
    Shivers is a abusive stalker.
    Thanks for clarifying that for me.
    Oh, didn’t you leave out Jamie Broyles who has also been abused by this guy?
    Or is the public record and case number on that fiction too?
    I’ll say it again, I hope the newest soon to be next wife gets a wake call before she marries someone she has known less than six months.

  17. Anonymous please says:

    Here’s a novel idea. Concept. Just plain common sense.

    If I was a barely 22 year old girl- I’ll play devil’s advocate here- from South America with my own career and identity, why would I want to marry a man twice my age whom I barely know? A man up to his eyeballs in legal woes coupled with financial problems that he seems to blame on everyone but himself.

    The quencher? He says horrible things about his ex wives. Any man who speaks ill of his ex wives on a repeat basis is someone to be weary of. When it becomes three or more women that he speaks ill of then red flags are everywhere.

    Especially when it is widely known that both ex wives supported him. In Bebe Buell’s case, she tried for years to get the guy a recording contract and film roles. During their marriage, which Wikipedia says was from 1992-1998 (another source says 1999), not only did Buell shepherd her daughter’s career into the A List category, she did her best to get Shivers into the spotlight. Anyone from New York City knows how tirelessly she worked for both her daughter and this Shivers character. He is nothing but an ingrate who shows no respect or gratitude in my opinion.

    Just as a precaution, it would be wise to just make sure that what HE tells you is the truth. Don’t just assume or take for granted that he is leveling with you.

    Do your research and take into consideration that none of these “A Listers” from his time in NYC or his marriages have anything to do with him.

    A decent man would be grateful and thankful to the women who supported him and made living in the USA possible. He, like the young girl in discussion, is a foreigner and knows what it takes to get the OK to live in America.

    Wouldn’t it be a novel moment if this guy just said thank you and moved on with his life without all the manipulations.

    GET A PRENUP IF YOU MUST MARRY A STRANGER. Check out their background. Make sure you aren’t being had. Take your time and make sure. Give the infatuation a chance to wear off. Se if he can take care of you and a family.

    Watch his videos on You Tube where he slanders and trashes no less than three women.

  18. Micko says:

    Vegas wedding with no family from her side or his side from what my neighbors told us.
    They wrote a blog about it.
    It is hitting the brazilian media which I’m sure he loves.
    Getting the press.
    Isn’t it interesting that there is never any family at any of this guy’s marriages.
    Isn’t it also interesting that all these women marry him even though he has no income, no job and no security?
    Vegas usually = elope= no prenup= no family.
    Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.
    Girl os too young to know better.

  19. cc says:

    …It will just be a matter of time before the drama will begin, because you know it will based on past behaviour it unfortunately will….

  20. Micko says:

    RED FLAGS are everywhere- now that they got married after only knowing each other for a couple of months, he now has this girl exploiting Pauley Perrette in the National Enquirer. I huge full page article trying to make it seem like Pauley is jealous.
    Then, if my sources are correct, they are making fun of Pauley all over the social networking sites.
    The NE was obviously tipped by THEM as the story slants in that direction.
    How could anyone be proud of a full page article in the Enquirer that pretty much rips another woman and PROVES that the husband is a mooch. He hasn’t done any decent work on any level since the mid 90’s and we all know how that little bit of work he did do came about. He will milk that Empire Records tiny bit part to death! And we all know how he got it!
    I’m wondering how long it will take for this VERY YOUNG and inexperienced girl to wonder why her new husband does not work or earn a living. Is he going to blame that on the ex wives as well?
    The Enquirer also failed to mention that this is his 3rd or 4th marriage- depending on who you talk to- and he has a history of marrying women far more famous than he- he sucks their fame and then throws a fit when he is fingered for being a con man.
    I’ve read a lot of the court papers involving this divorce with Ms. Perrette and it is a heck of a lot more money than 20K that he is supposed to cough up. He has judgments against him for various things too vast to list here.
    I wonder also why this young girl just takes his word for all of this- that right there proves how naive and misinformed she is. Just because she has been around the block and dated tons of rock musicians or published books and articles does not mean she is smart. To be only 22 and already in this situation is terribly sad.
    And as comment #19 (cc) says, it is just a matter of time before the truth emerges.
    Girl is too young to know better.

  21. Micko says:

    Just to confirm- she thanks the National Enquirer (on her Twitter) for calling her a sexy Playboy model and author. She thinks this is good press? She is proud of this?
    Why can’t both of these mean spirited people just move along on their own merits?
    Wouldn’t it be something if Mr. Shivers (or whatever his actual name is) THANKED his ex wives for all they did for him and made a living for himself and his new wife?
    He would not even be in the USA if he had not married the two American women in the first place.
    I agree that the INS needs to be tipped off yet again.

  22. Anonymous Please says:

    I also saw The National Enquirer article. Pauley Perrette is so pretty and seems so together. I was surprised at the new brides choice of attire for her wedding. She is covered in tattoos on her legs and arms. Pauley is so much prettier. So much more natural.
    I can only feel so sorry for this young Brazilian girl and her family.
    She is actually very famous in her native country and does have published novels. Magazine articles and stuff like that.
    She is heavily into the rock scene and the rock stars.
    She has a tattoo of “Dregan” on her torso for a guy in a band from Finland called The Backyard Babies. A guitar player who looks similar to this guy. Only he is much younger.
    Maybe she really is charmed by this character. But it would have been wise to give it more time. Three months is not long enough to know anyone.
    And even if she believes him she can’t be so stupid as to think that the other wives and women are making this up. Why would they bother. The guy has no money. No job. He talks trash about every woman he has ever been with or married. Goes as far as making elaborate videos and gives interviews to tabloids.
    Some prize!
    It shows unstable behavior but that is common with young girls- impulsiveness comes with being barely out of your teens. I highly doubt Ms. Perrette is jealous. More like relieved he has finally moved on to someone else to be responsible for him.
    But like anyone with compassion or common sense, it is a bit troubling.
    I wish her the best. It is never nice to see anyone taken advantage of.
    I wonder if her mother approves of this?

  23. john wilkes says:

    Hey Micko….. HOW DID COYOTE GET THE EMPIRE RECORDS PART? You say “we all know how he got that” but I do not know. Please inform me.

  24. Priscilla says:

    Mayra is one of my best friends for years. I literally grew up with her in Rio de Janeiro. I can assure you she is a very very smart girl and not a naive dumb one like these comments are saying. She’s a very well educated girl who has always been mature and beyond her years. She wrote a bestselling novel when she was sixteen years old for God’s sake. I can’t believe I am reading all of this.
    Honestly, it’s all very alarming. Whoever is writing these comments is stalking her and her husband. To know everything that happens is creepy! Seems like this person has a lot of anger towards Coyote Shivers. It sounds like one of his exes. I don’t mean to say that it is Pauley Perrette, because I don’t even know her and would never write about her like I do.
    But it is obvious this is someone who has been with him and had her heart broken. Maybe that’s why this website is called Desperate Exes. I really enjoyed reading the other posts here, I must say.
    Micko, Ralph Levy, and all the others just seem like the same insane person who is way too obsessed. This is me trying to calm this person down and ask her to stay away from my friend’s life. Coyote is making her very happy and it is very obvious that both are in love and doing well.
    You shouldn’t spend time trying to contact her mom who is totally supportive of them and knows all of his history. She is a great woman who doesn’t judge people, but opens her heart to them. She met Coyote Shivers and really liked him. Both their families like each other. These comments don’t look bad on him. They look bad on who’s writing them.
    I hope the detective doesn’t block my comment if he’s a good detective willing to hear different sides. I do like his website.

    Don’t try to make people think this is Coyote Shivers. I am a real person who’s just shocked to see her friend being followed like this.

  25. Priscilla says:

    PS: All of these comments seem to be obsessed with how young she is. “Too young”, “so young”, “too young to know better”. This again is creepy and makes me think that whoever is writing is old and revengeful.

  26. julian says:

    seems like priscilla is actually mayra herself

  27. Anonymous please says:

    Either Mayra or a sock puppet!
    Priscilla or whomever you are- there is NO possible way any of you could KNOW this man after only such a short period of time. You only just met him and he is very cunning and good at his game. Can even be charming.
    And this girl he married is young. Far too inexperienced to know whats up.
    That hardly means that the people concerned are either “old” or “scorned”. Just worried about your future.
    He was very proud of himself after his marriage to Ms. Perrette back in 2000 and the same kind of behavior ensued.
    Just give it time. He will show his true colors and then you will remember that several people- many people tried to warn you.
    For some of us who have known this man for YEARS, this is no surprise. This is what he does. He marries women to survive.
    He will make you think he has your health, your best interest, and your career goals as his top priority. He will pamper and spoil you and make you feel that he is a victim. If you have pets he will love them like they are his children.
    Sound familiar? Did he try to get you to stop drinking and smoking? Act like your biggest champion?
    Yep, you have been had!
    I will wish you the best of luck and I will hope you protected your family money and any money you are to make in the future.
    He will try to take credit not only for your future success but for whatever money you earn since you have been with him.
    He still to this day tried to take credit for Pauley Perrette’s success even though she had been acting for years before meeting him when he was still married to his first wife.
    And NO ONE is stalking you or him. Get over yourself and get a life. You can’t give interviews to the tabloids and not expect to hear the other side.
    There is another side and you only know his side.
    I can assure you the women from his past want to be as far away from him as humanly possible.
    And wanna know what makes you look so young and immature? When someone brags about being mentioned in the National Enquirer like it is a badge of honor, that shows how immature and inexperienced they really are.
    If your research had actually been done you would see that every single thing on here is the truth- except your delusions about what is actually going on.
    I’ll pray for you.

  28. Priscilla Zopelaro says:

    This is ridiculous. Are you trying to draw attention from the fact that you are actually one of Coyote Shivers’ ex girlfriends? Duh. Your only way out is to accuse me of not being me!! It’s your goal to make people think that Mayra and Coyote are “mean spirited people”. When Landis left a comment here, you didn’t accuse him of being them. Why? Cause it added to what you are trying to prove. Now that you came across someone who actually knows the couple and loves them, you just can’t accept it. Whoever you are, you are one sick woman. Apparently schizophrenic, with multiple personalities. These are not real people. These come from a catty, jealous woman. If you Google these names, they don’t exist at all. So just drop it already before you look even more pathetic.
    I am not Mayra. This is my Facebook profile:!/prizopelaro
    This is my Myspace profile:

    They exist for years, so don’t try to make it look like I just created them.

    And if this was actually her, then she doesn’t need to be warned anymore, does she? You spent months asking people to warn her, but you know there is nothing to warn her about aside from what she’ll have to go through being stalked by you. Your comments are so contradicting, they actually hurt my head.

    Just stop and think if this is worth your time. Why don’t you just let them be? Stop trying to say that he is conning her, or trying to “suck her fame”. Hasn’t it crossed your mind that he actually is in love with her? If all that he is doing is getting Brazilian press from her, than how does that explain the National Enquirer article? And why does everything have to be about who’s famous and who’s not anyway? Catty.

    Get a life. Stop projecting. You’ll end up in a mental ward.

  29. Micko says:

    My last thought on this- I don’t trust nor do I think very highly of anyone- especially a chick- who gangs up on the other women from her husband’s past.
    How would this Mayra or Priscilla or whatever her name is know anything about any of these women?
    Brainwashed perhaps? Shown false papers maybe? All of the above?
    And Priscilla (cough cough)- your “friend” (cough cough) is not being followed. She along with this Shivers tool are making sure they are seen everywhere and in as many places as possible in the media. THEY alone are exploiting this entire situation.
    You don’t get married half naked in LV if you aren’t looking for attention.
    This is exactly what he wants and what she wants- because she is well known in her native country they can milk a bit of press. The groom however has not done anything to merit any attention in well over a decade. EXCEPT get married and divorced or get in the tabloids.
    No one is “obsessed” with the age- it is however disturbing that a 22 yr. old girl would marry a man over his head in legal woes after three short months.
    If her mother approves of that then I can bet my bottom dollar she is not at all informed of his history or past- even his recent past.
    He can’t coast on this Empire Records thing forever. Considering the movie is 17 years old already!
    Did it ever dawn on any of you that don’t understand the outrage that maybe people are just worried that the same thing may happen to the YOUNG GIRL?
    And face it- 22 years old is young- What is creepy is that this guy would need to marry someone that young so quickly. That is the creepy part- not that other people are worried or concerned.

  30. Micko says:

    PS- if you don’t want to be written about or talked about then stop taking to the tabloid press.
    Mr. Shivers has already given two interviews about his ex wife to IN TOUCH magazine. Now the National Enquirer.
    Thats what happens when you seek fame and attention. People will have an opinion.
    Wonder if we would even be discussing this if Mayra was not pushing this so hard?
    Your youth and inexperience shows with this immature behavior.
    I hope you will be okay.
    Good luck and don’t say you weren’t given the heads up.
    You were.
    I wonder if your new husband is going to support you?

  31. Ray says:

    This is ridiculous. It is always the people who beg you to follow them on Twitter, Facebook who bitch the most when they get their wish.
    If this Coyote and Mayra persons are going to have high profile online personas and give quotes to the press they have to expect the responses that may come.
    I bet they even met online.
    I can’t believe they are even getting this much attention.
    They seem trashy and like they want this media attention.
    And if her family is so famous in South America then it is only a matter of time before they will expect for this Shivers to step up and support their daughter.
    These two just met and then they got married.
    That fast.
    Nothing good ever comes of these sort of unions.
    Poor kid. Looks like she got swept off her feet by a rocker sort with no money or gig. Happens all the time.

  32. cc says:

    Right now it seems they are both getting what they want, she want US citizenship, and he wants her money and the media attention she can give him..she’s playing a dangerous game…she probably thinks she knows what she is doing, however,I fear this can only end up really ugly in the end…:(

  33. Priscilla Zopelaro says:

    How many names are you going to make up? If you really wanted to talk to Mayra, you would contact her (especially since you know and follow her Facebook, Twitter and Myspace on a daily basis) instead of writing about her on the Internet. I’m sure she would treat you well if you talked to her under your real voice and name instead of bashing her on this website. You don’t know her. She is open to hear what people have to say, as long as they are honest about it. I know her well.

    You are not trying to protect her, you are trying to separate her from Coyote Shivers because you are obsessed. You have been writing and investigating them for over six months, so you are obviously not trying to stay away from him. And you’re not giving them attention just because they are in the press this week. Look back on this website. Anything they do drives you nuts, but you just better get used to it.

    You know they’ve been together for six months, not three months like your pretending to believe. You know they fell in love on their first date. So that proves that you are desperately trying to make things look much worst then they are, not being a person who cares. You have been leaving comments here for a lot longer than three months and your intentions change all the time. If you weren’t so contradicting and desperate, maybe she would listen to you.

    You don’t care about her well being. You hope she listens to all your bullshit, because you can’t bear to see them happy. You can’t bear that he doesn’t “thank” you, or “credit” you, like you are trying to say that HE tries to do with his exes. Big contradiction. You are asking for what you accuse him of doing. Once again, you’re projecting. Everything you accuse him of, I bet it comes from inside.

    Who cares how he got a part in a movie, or how many records he put out? That’s not what makes a person. That’s not what makes her love him. What’s the problem with them being in the media? They are both in show business and it’s absolutely normal. Mayra has been in the media since she was born (her birth was actually primetime news in 1987) and Coyote is indeed a great musician. I wouldn’t be surprised to read that a new album is coming out.

    I don’t really understand how you would know about his income, though, unless you are stalking him on a criminal level. You should be investigated. This here proves that you are not just some guy, so stop referring to Coyote Shivers as “this character” or “this guy” because it’s not working. You can’t keep your multiple personalities untangled.

    It is too easy for you to read whatever she posts and writes about their life and use it to tell her that he is acting like that towards her because he is conning her. Can’t you see that you are the stalker here? Talking about her dress and her tattoos, who would even care? I bet you are the type of women who has only lived off men. I bet you are everything you accuse him of.

    And by the way, May didn’t ever give an interview to the National Enquirer and she didn’t put words in Coyote’s ex’s mouth. If she said that and that’s how they wrote the story, that’s not May’s fault. It is in her own right to answer to comments like that about her wedding. You would too, trust me.

    How disturbing is it that you are still calling me fake after I showed you my online profiles? You’re just going to ignore that? I know what is going on, it’s very simple. I am no puppet, I have an opinion.

    I think you’re life must be absolutely boring

  34. j.wilkes says:


    i had a chance encounter with these two. Interesting story id rather not publish her. You can email me and ill tell you some things that may shock you

  35. Micko says:

    No thanks, man. I’m not interested in being involved with any of this gossip. I don’t email with people I don’t know.
    After the long winded comment from #33, it is obvious what the 411 is.
    Thanks to “Priscilla” we see just how rushed and creepy it is.
    Lets hope for the best for this young girl.
    History repeating itself it seems.

  36. Ray says:

    I’ve heard a few stories myself about this whole thing and it appears to be yet another meal ticket for the Coyote.

    I doubt this girl he just married is even privy to any of the facts surrounding him or his past.
    She has been given the story from his viewpoint and the truth will never fall on her ears.

    Like any new love affair, they are in the honeymoon phase so she is still very ripe for the snow job.

    Ten to one she has never met any of the other wives or exes and he will make sure she never does.
    That is the part of this that is tragic. He has her hating on the exes when they are not the problem.
    I can only imagine the picture he has painted and it most likely has zero to do with reality.
    And with his history of harassment and internet stalking, I bet he has pulled out all the stops.
    Didn’t I read in one report that he even creates fake emails pretending to be people he isn’t?
    Isn’t this Court blog about him harassing an attorney via email as well?

    I’d like to know how that works and if he pretends to be more sought after than he really is.

    The women from his past seem to be genuinely sickened by him.

  37. cc says:

    Hmmm…buying expensive cars and moving to bigger and better digs…guess the payday is starting to come in….let’s see how long this lasts….if she’s an illegal, guess the car has to be put in someone elses name…wonder who?

  38. tatiana says:

    eerie. well, first, i’m brasilian and i cant stand this chick Mayra for a very simple reason: she’s one of those people who perpetuates this awful legacy of nepotism in Brasil. she made press and fame over her dead father’s name by publishing a very bad written book. she only writes crap, all the gigs she got in our country was because she is the daughter of famous people (you know, the same way as gweneth paltrow or paris hilton got their careers). she is not naive at all. her problem, actually, is that she thinks of herself as a really smart person who can manipulate everyone. she knows how the press works and, also, that bad publicity is never really that bad. her family is wealthy and, i’m kind of thinking that, maybe this dude just happened to marry her in such short notice forseeing a reward. i think that her mother probably do know something about his reputation, but…i don’t believe she cares. mother of spoil rich chicks, in general, don’t ever give that much attention to her daughters. it’s quite common on rich brasilian families. they shove money up their kids throats to compensate the lack of real parental love and attention. so, these kids just grow up to became fame whores or drug addicts who think that can do everything. honestly? i hope he really screws her over for the money. nepotistic bitch has got to go down! cara, na boa, chega de nepotismo no Brasil. saco cheio disso! uma porrada de gente boa, nova, que escreve bem e…nego promove isso? ela devia ser, sei lá, atriz pornô. tem mais a ver.

  39. cc says:

    The gentleman doth protest a bit much….

  40. Pinky says:

    Well almost two years later and this couple are still happily married. They’ve gone to visit her family in Brazil and his family in Canada. Just wondering about the whole green card issue, aren’t there tons of musicians, actors etc who move to Hollywood from other Countries and obtain citizenship without getting married? He did live in the US long before marrying his first wife js. Apparently a trial is coming soon, hopefully the truth comes out either way.

  41. KarenaNYC says:

    I am a long time personal friend of Coyote Shivers and have never seen this supposed dark side of his. I also know Bebe (though only through Coyote). Let’s just say that Bebe is no shrinking violet when it comes to holding her own. I don’t know Pauly, but, she too seems like a woman who can take care of herself. Coyote has been happily married to the lovely Mayra Diaz Gomes Shivers for over two years. I wish them long lived happiness and and end to past troubles.

  42. SusieQ says:

    Free Coyote Shivers….

  43. JusticeforPauley says:

    Deport Coyote Shivers….

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