Nikki Sixx: Heeeere’s Daaadddy!

Nikki Sixxgun

Well, I am not sure what to make of all this.  Here is a picture of Nikki Sixx, the “brains and power” behind the group, Motley Crue. Nikki and Donna D’Errico, as many of you know have been “starring” in the divorce game.  A game that I have to admit he and his lawyer, Gary Fishbein, have been so kicking ass in Judge Trent Lewis’s courtroom. That is all going to change with the involvement of Lisa Helfend Meyer, Lawyer and her team.

He’s a genius at music and promoting himself, but heeeere’s Daddy pointing a big-ass gun at some children’s dolls.  How does this become a good PR schtick?  Also, please notice that the doll is covered in blood  (fake I am sure)…? In this picture, Da Nikkster  is holding  what looks like a real S&W .357 Magnum.  Now,  I have to wonder if this picture would make even members of the NRA get a little queasy.  And whose dolls are they (they are not the blow up kind)?    I am also curious if he will attempt to defend this picture of Ol’ Wyatt Nikki and his six shooter as only  being a fake gun, just a prop or just someone who made it all up on a computer  (like poor old Oscar in those damn fishnets). You have to wonder, as I do, what sort of judgment he has when he has been drinking too much “Coca Cola.”  In the other pictures he is shown with a glass of what looks to me as a deep red wine…..Nahhh I am too old to know wine  from a cola and he and his handlers say that it is just a cola…his pen pal Kat Von D in that foto was smart enough to put her glass down.  Ok,  you look at that picture and tell me what you think.  I know darn well what I am seeing as an old x-copper, but this is Los Angeles and not too much is real around here and further, no one cares! Did you know that you can shoot .38s as well as .357s from that gun…just fascinating pictures, all of them!   Gotta love Da Nikster.  Something that I have heard over and over again is how nice his skin looks for someone who is over 50, and you know, as a former embalmer, I must say he does look very well-preserved (especially next to Charlie Watts). One wonders with all the drugs and alcohol ingested over the years, perhaps there was a little formaldehyde in the mix?  Another thought is that he does not worry very much, and thus gets lots of good sound sleep.

Nikki Sixx and Kat Von D Nikki Sixx and Charlie Watts

32 Responses to Nikki Sixx: Heeeere’s Daaadddy!

  1. Tianna says:

    Hi John,

    I don’t even know what to say about the picture. I know it’s Hollyweird, but come on!

    This man is a Father, it is beyond me how or why any Father would do this!

    I don’t give a crap who it is, if they are famous or not, that picture is just sick!

    I guess all I can say, is what the hell is the matter with some people? How anyone, especially someone with their own children, can even think that this is any where near acceptable for a Dad, is just plain nuts imo! It’s not like this is some young kid acting up, this is a 50 year old man. I grew up in ” The dead babies” era, but we were young and crazy and eventually grew up and moved on………..I guess Nikki Sixx hasn’t reached that point yet????

    Is this a recent picture? Do you know what the picture was for? Not that it makes any difference, I am just curious.

    I hope his little daughter never has to see that picture.

  2. jojobo1 says:

    Got to say I am not and never was a motley crue fan.I will agree he does not look fifty especially with the life it is said he led.I would say the picture says a lot and he would have a lot of explaining to do.doesn’t look good for him.I would have to say he had a lot of work done,I don’t think his looks come from clean living

  3. Roxanne says:

    This is Nikki being Nikki. A Rock Star out for the shock value and nothing more. Has not a damn thing to do with his children or his divorce. I hope that his side of all this comes out. Nothin like a little balance to the story.

  4. Sheri says:

    Well, I myself, have been “affiliated” with the entertainment industry, ie, music…and this doesn’t seem at all out of the norm. I do not think Nikki is using drugs, drinking, or anything close. He has grown up a lot, since “those” days, and he is a great dad!! Remember, Nikki is about “shock appeal”. Remember that as you are looking at those pictures. But thank you for reporting his birthday…great pictures.

  5. Rachel says:

    The dolls and gun are props from the studio… it’s photographic art, ya fool! Ever seen his albums online? As for his kids, I think by now they know daddy’s not like regular daddies are… but then neither is mommy like regular mommies… regular moms don’t make sex tapes and pose nude. Here’s hoping the kids never see those photos eh!!! LOL! Good try pal, but both sides are as sick and dirty as each other – you get no kudos for trying to make Nikki look bad from me. All rock stars are assholes!

  6. John Nazarian says:

    Rachael and others thanks for your comments, surprised that I allowed them up? Don’t be, I am not interested in making Nikki look bad, he seems to do a very good job without my help.
    As for posing nude? Oh you have to be kidding, Playboy is an American Icon and what else can I say?
    Now you and I both know that is not a prop gun, having done a few shows in my day where props were used, none came in a Smith & Wesson gun case, also, as a former cop, Hmmm I have pointed a very similar gun at many a bad guy and it is very much a real .357, and it is his gun!
    Glad you enjoyed the pictures, we have many more that will not see the light of day, as this story has me bored at the moment.


  7. Jay says:

    Nothing to do with this article, but what happened to the rosespeaks blog?? They had such awesome articles, and really good, civilized banter, unlike a lot of blogs….I hope they are ok and didn’t get into trouble, they don’t deserve it. Did Nikki’s people have it shut down? I hope not. It must be something else. Anyway, John, thanks for exercising our wonderful freedom of speech, great articles. Nikki is boring, but I find the story with Donna interesting, it’s like watching a match, in a sense, from the bleachers, and most of us are rooting for the good side (Donna, of course), so please keep us posted as this scenario unfolds, if possible. Keep up the good work.

  8. Margie says:

    Playboy? That’s not even posing nude…that’s ART.

    Did anyone notice the ashtray sitting there? Hope that’s not in the house where his child/children live. While I agree he’s just screwing around, saying the glass had soda in it is BS. At least be honest in court.
    And having had a lot of experience with guns, that’s 100% real.
    BUT, I don’t think these pix can tell us crap about what kind of a dad he is….I hope.

  9. Watch it! Nikki, just might become a running mate canidate someday for the united states presidentcuy! after all this is still AMERICA where else can you wave a gun to a babydolls head and get away with it? I got to Love America’s Most Loved P.I. John Nazarian hey? That should be a new sitcom “AMERICA’S MOST LOVED P.I!” Cheers The Gothic Killer Clown Of Rock n’ Roll! FIFI LARUE…

  10. John J. Nazarian says:

    The Gothic Killer Clown …..nothing would surprise me. Nikki for public office that would not surprise me, it might surprise him!
    Being a Playboy model is big deal, it is like being a police officer, thousands may try very few get selected. I thought of ‘Playgirl’ once and then I woke up and became a cop.
    Seldom does anyone tell the truth in court when it comes to money. Women often want the ‘feelings’ and the guys want the ‘stuff’… is a miserable series of interactions at the worst possible times.
    Again, why if you have little or nothing the DIVORCE is over in 6 months….if you got big $$$$ it can go on for years….sometimes longer than the original marriage.

  11. Candy7468 says:

    Personally, I do not think there is anything wrong with this picture. It is creepy and disturbing, but that’s the point. This is very Joel Peter Witkin-esque which is why I like it, someone I doubt you guys know about and if you do, you probably don’t understand his work. The picture seems to speak of a loss of innocence, which is portrayed by the dolls with blood on them. The records in the background implies that fame and Hollywood might have something to do with it. I think that he should be free to express himself as an artist without it being thrown back at him in court. Also, he’s not a childrens’ star so he doesn’t have to act PG all the time.

  12. Raines says:

    Dude Nikki is a fucking idol 2 awesome bands and fifty years old, he doesnt look or act a day over 25. Hes my idol.

  13. Mochizuki says:

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  14. crue 4 life says:


  15. Jamie James says:

    Nikki is a Rock-N-Roll MASTERMIND!


  16. my_death says:

    He´s great showman, good musician and very, very sexy man…what else do you need, guys? Just look and be jealous about him…he can have all the hot chicks, even if he´s fifty….it´s all about the charisma…

  17. Amy says:

    Come on people…anyone who knows Hollywood know that the photo is for shock value. Nikki and all the Crue guys are great people that love their family and fans and would never hurt those they love. And if their kids seen the pics….so what. Get over yourselves!!!

  18. Glitterteaz says:

    Just another jealous of Nikki feeding frenzy give it up!!

  19. Christy Crue says:

    Here’s the real deal: Nikki Sixx is a GENUIS. That’s right, I said GENUIS. What alot of people don’t know is he had such a dysfunctional childhood when he was growing up. Most people would just give up. Not Nikki. About his drug addiction: People that do drugs are in alot of pain. At one point he did not care whether he had a hit record or not, he just wanted another shot of heroin. Why is everyone waiting for the other shoe to drop. Leave the man alone! He has brought pleasure and good times to alot of his FANS (CRUEHEADS.) Nikki is intelligent and innovative and is a ROCK ICON. Donna was a B-rated actress and from what I heard she was spending his money like water. And he brought A HELL OF ALOT more to the table when they married. She filed for divorce, not him. He is a rock star, she should have known that along with that comes alot of “extras”, especially when the band is on the road touring. Nikki as a father: He is a great father, he loves his children and has custody of his 3 from his first marriage. Donna is acting from hurt and for that I am sorry for her. I just went through a horrific divorce last year from a guy that made way less $ than I did and I got rid of him so fast his loser head was spinning. Donna needs to move on….& the best thing for Donna to do is to NOT try to keep Frankie-Jean away from her father…the effects and psychological damage will be irreparable. Nikki Sixx in Court: Okay, Motley Crue is Nikki’s baby and he will do anything to protect that…and as he should. That was his WAY BEFORE Miss Donna came along! Hey Donna; Please go get a job, let Frankie-Jean see her Father and get on with your life!

    P.S. Nikki’s has beautiful skin…quit trashing our NIKKI !

  20. Kimmy says:

    You guys gotta be fucking kidding me…. ” Oh no he waves a gun at a doll!” It’s a fucking DOLL people. That’s about as far from bad it can get, he’s just playing around. You Americans need to get a grip, thinking that because some kid saw this he’s gonna go blow up babies at schools and shit. And I also read a post somewhere far above mine saying something like ” Where would one get away with that except for in America? ” The answer to your question is: Probably everywhere. It’s not like he’s threatening a live person.. Dumbfucks

  21. Kimmy says:

    And by the way, who cares if he’s drinking a glass of red wine? It’s not like he’s chugging Jack Daniel’s all over again.

  22. glen says:

    Were are those books Donna was going to put out? Must just be a rumor.

  23. Catherine says:

    I love this picture. It’s very artful

  24. Amanda says:

    Do you not see the numbers next to things in the picture? Obviously for a magazine. Why blame Nikki? The photographer more than likely set up the shot. And I’d like to reiterate what was said in another comment above me: It’s a DOLL. He isn’t pointing his gun at his actual children, or any living person, really. And maybe that is his grandfather’s gun that he talks about in The Heroin Diaries. People today take pictures like this way too seriously. It’s an artistic photo that was intended for shock value. Nikki Sixx is a rock star.Not a hard-partying, drug-addled, Jack-drinking rock star anymore, but still a rock star. His whole persona is this ass-kicking rebel, and he’s living up to that even now. Why go try to drag him down? What do you get out of it? Does it make you feel better? It’s not like he’s going to see it, but a lot of pissed off Crue fans will. Let the rock god be a rock god. He’s an American icon. He loves his kids. So give him the gasps and “oh my god”s that he wants from this picture, then just let it go. That’s what any sane, intelligent person would do.

  25. Missy says:

    I know this is all old news but I just ran across the website and found this to be a bit humorous and twisted. I love Motley Crue & Adore Nikki. I admire what he had made of himself. What he went through during his childhood, what he became, and then the balls to share it all with the world. He put himself out there, not to be a preacher, not to say this is bad for you, but to say “Hey I did this, this is what I went through, I’m lucky to have survived it, but it was hell”. BTW the second picture of him with the Wine Glass in his hand looks as though it has Ice in it, Now I’m not a Whine Drinker, but I’ve never seen anyone drink whine with ice!Nikki looks hot in just about every picture I’ve seen him in, and he makes Goofy Faces in some, and although he does look as though he is drunk, does not mean it wasn’t just a bad shot of him. I mean how many pictures were taken of him back in the day when he was Drunk and Stoned out of his mind, did it show?? No cause most pictures were posed for or photo shots. Everyone looks good and prepared for photo shots, hello Make Up!! I’ve got pictures of him in person live at Concerts where he was clearly sober, but some of the pictures I took did not come out right and looked as though he was. If this was any other Joe Blow no one would think twice about it. Why because like I’ve seen in other post, it would be over within months. The only thing I see wrong with any of this is that the LA, Hollywood Scene bases it’s relationships on Glam, Status, Looks etc. If marriages of Rock Stars, Movie Stars, Heiresses, Heirs, Models etc. would base their relationships on feelings, emotions, passion, compatibility, things that normal marriages that last are based upon, They would last longer. Alice Cooper said once that, you’re divorcing your 5 stripper and don’t know what went wrong, hello she’s a stripper. Can’t remember the exact quote so I didn’t quote it. Another problem with High Profile marriages are the MEDIA! When people do find happiness & love, like I believe Tommy & Pamela had, it was destroyed by being under the constant view of the camera. Yes there were other issues, but I believe that’s what started it all. On that I think they should get back together and everyone should just let them be! Look at Ozzy & Sharon, not exactly Ozzy & Harriet, but they are real, they love their family, each other. They appear to be dysfuntional, but they are close and have stcuked together. Yes there were trying times but they prevailed. It takes a strong woman to deal with any man, but when the man is in the constant eyes of the public because of his status it takes even a stronger woman. The women in Hollywood, actresses, models, etc have their own careers going on and really don’t have the time or patience to handle nor deal with the constant pressure of their own lives let alone the constant pressure of their Rock Star, Actor spouses lives. Hell it’s hard on your average marriages, trying to balance normal careers, lives, children etc. Yes we all love to see it when two of our favorites celebreties get together & have families, but it’s sad when it fails. Back to the original picture at hand, I love Nikki, he does & says as he pleases & makes no apologies for doing so. I’m sure he’s an Asshole, but what good man isn’t with a side order of asshole to him,lol. Whether it’s props or not, It’s Nikki, It’s what he is, and only he knows what he was trying to say or do in this picture. I don’t really see where there was any art to it,lol, but when I first saw it & read the above comments, I thought maybe the dolls were there as his family (with her), him donna and frankie jean, amd now she’s out of it she’s dead to him, hence the blood on one doll and not the other doll. Twisted, I agree, but that could be Sikki coming out,lol. He loves to shock people, push the limits, or buttons if you wish, but I don’t believe he would ever shoot anyone, I don’t think he’d care to, I don’t see him as caring to hold on to someone who doesn’t want to be with him any longer. I take him as a “It’s over, Done with, Next” type of person. I don’t think he likes to be alone and sure he won’t be for long… But I just think he was being his sarcastic self. Geez it’s hollywood and like I’ve said, if people, the press, media, tabloids, etc. would stay out of their lives and quit making something out of nothing and seeing people for who they are, whether their shocking or not, things wouldn’t get so out of control. As far as his looks go, if that was whine in his glass it suits him, cause he’s like a Fine Whine, Only gets better with age =) Gotta Love Him! Further more, Leave the man alone he’s come a long way, made great accomplishments, and where was the press when he did??? Anyhow Love Ya Nikki, & The rest of Motley Crue

  26. Nikkisixx4lyfe says:

    And I agree wholeheartedly with everything said by ‘Missy’ above my first post. Good on ya! Nikki is hot and exactly like a fine wine! And I agree with everything else she said. 🙂

  27. Nikkisixx4lyfe says:

    And I agree with ‘Christy Crue’ aswell. wooooooooo Crueheads unite!! XD

  28. Hollywould says:

    To the lady who got so bent out of shape…. geez. relax. I know about this picture. Nikki does photography too. (hence the camera in front of him) One of his subjects was that old destroyed doll he’s point the gun at. As Roxanne said, it’s shock value… but truly not even that. It’s a fricken doll people. Who gives a s*$#. Relax.

  29. Troy Crue says:

    I say who cares hes a legend rocker with a gun to a doll, whippy doo. no one made this much fuss when whats his name beat up whitney houston, Leave the guy alone i mean come on you act like hes holding the gun to a kid.

  30. jody says:


  31. Autumn says:

    you guys need to see the obvious here. If it looks like a duck and walks like one, it is one. I knew NS way back when and since then he has become very alien. This pic tells alot of truth about how he got to be where he is today. The thing that galls me is what a good liar he is to his fans. They truly think he is just a nice guy who made it and really cares. But his talent is in the way he spins himself. This picture is an ugly truth about him.

  32. cruehead says:

    you have got to be kidding me its a doll nd he is just being nikki leave him alone geez!

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