Pellicano Trial: Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Well after a long break from the land of “Omerta,” we were all back and into the swing of things. My son Mikee and I arrived a little early and we both noticed that the defendants and their lawyers have issues in their style and dress! Arneson is always dressed to the nines, a little bit more polish and he would look like the guys at RHD — Robbery Homicide Division of the Los Angeles Police Department are some very smart dressers. Then we have Mr. Kachikian, who wears the same thing every day: blue pullover with yellow collar and boring, Turner also seems to be wearing the same or close to the same each day as does Nicheri…it is almost as if they are practicing for the day the government will dress them and they will not have a choice! Braun and Muller are the best dressed lawyers — Braun must have dozens of suits, I have not seen him wear the same one twice. Pellicano is in his prison garb and appears to enjoy it, and he does look comfortable!

Prior to allowing the jury in, the defense and the prosecution in concert with Judge Fischer discussed rumblings of a Lily LeMasters and a Heidi Fleiss connection! What? Ho No! And it is going to get worse: the prosecution mentions ever so casually that Lily was a target of the government a few years ago. Oh, but wait, Pellicano chimes in and tells the court that Lily got into trouble and he had to find her a lawyer and she was a “Queen for a Day” and avoided prosecution! Hell, I know lots of Queens, some for a day and some for years, what the hell is this about? Pellicano was wondering if Lily and that “bowel full of poop” she was about to blow in his direction could be short circuited. The judge couldn’t care less as it had nothing to do with the issues at hand. So Pellicano was given a Hefty Hefty Bag and cut a hole out for his head and waited for the onslaught! POO in the HOLE! Prepare a broadside!

Oh, by the way, this is Judge Dale Fischer’s 11th year, St. Patricks Day is the date that she first became a judge! Congrats to the judge! Well the feds flew some more suits out from Quantico to testify as to how they got what they got, and on it went. Dancing with the Stars has nothing on Dancing with the Pelican! And did Pellicano dance, he shuffled like Ali and did flips like the X-Beatle witch with the fake leg! And at times he had the poor technician wishing this guy had hung himself in his cell the night before. Anthony for awhile was trying to cloud the process, conjecturing that the evidence taken from his computers may have been tampered with…no one was buying this except him and Arneson, and Arneson at this point is easy! Keep Anthony away from the books he is sounding a little like a lawyer! I will even take it a step further, Pellicano
looked like Roy Rogers working two ropes and the little cowboy hat was all there…in my mind at least! The technician was looking confused and was wearing a hole in his pants as he squirmed in his seat.

Then Technician Snyder was called, and this guy was not going to squirm. As a matter of fact, it looked like Anthony had misplaced his horse and was standing on his little cowboy hat! Snyder named a password that was cracked: OFFICE322OMERTA, there it was again! LMAO! Omerta this Tony, the feds had cracked at least one of the codes and this was not going to be good for the Pellicano!

Karla Kerlin of the L.A. District Attorney’s office was called back and was outstanding on what she had to say and what she thought. She was questioned as to the rape case that she prosecuted and how many of the names of the “Jane Does” who were the vicitms had been “dialed up” by Arneson. Pellicano, it is reported, came to Ms. Kerlin and told her that the defense team protecting the rapist were going to investigate her — Anthony doing the double agent thing, AGAIN! As Pellicano walks up to cross Ms. Kerlin he says, ” Nice seeing you again,” big grin and there was that bounce in his walk! He was happy to see this lady who could not stand the sight of his little shadow! When he asked Ms. Kerlin if she believed that he was investigating her to find “dirt,” she did not skip a beat and said, “yes, I believe you were investigating me!” Some screw up tried to “gag” the prosecutor on her cell phone — this is done when someone calls the cell number and tries to pretend to be the carrier and get info on the subject! Ms. Kerlin picked up on it right away. The other side tried other little shitty tricks, and none worked — this is one very high-ranking Deputy D.A., who knows how to play the game!

pegladyandthetramp6.jpgPretty soon it was time for Lily LeMasters to make an entrance — she came in wearing a very pretty leopard print blouse and brown slacks and bag and shoes to match. Hair and makeup looking good, and all I can tell you is that again my mind was wondering! One of my favorite movies is “Lady and the Tramp,” much of that music was sung (and written!) by my very good friend Miss Peggy Lee and the scene when Peg is in the pound and sings “He’s a Tramp,” the walk, the tone, and here’s Lily! It was soooo cool as I closed my eyes and pictured this whole scene in my mind! Lily took the witness stand and was sworn in…so soft-spoken, Ooooooo, like Marilyn Monroe! As “Executive and Personal Assistant to the President” at Pellicano Investigative Agency, Ltd she “handled” everything! Shit, get me a tissue! What? She handled all the clients who came in and then would call the Pellican! These titles, Virtue had a great one and now this…$ 800.00 a week and a $10,000 a week title! (Note Virtue was dressed like a nun and had great slutty pics, this one is dressed like an old High Price Hooker and she too had a great title, what gives Anthony?) When the government asked her what her relationship was with the Pelican she stated “Intimate!” Hugs and Kisses for Anthony P! Everyday was like Easter, Kiss the Bunny! Lily told the court that things went poorly when she told the Pellican that his Bunny was getting married and she left in 2001 — April right after Easter! She testified that she would get so stressed out that she “passed out” and had to take an ambulance ride…I wonder if Arneson was driving the rig?

The time came when it was stated that she too had IMMUNITY…I can only imagine that at this point the words fish and immunity have to make the Pellicano twitch! She went on to tell all about having to hide Arneson and the money and all the DMV records and criminal records and the money and the manilla envelopes and the money and the checks and the money…it just went on and on. And of course it would not be complete if Happy Ray was not mentioned and the Kevin the Geek…it was all very similar to what Virtue stated, but “softer.” I just got goose bumps…no, not that kind of goose bumps, but I was thinking that kissing Lily would, I think, be like “frenching” someone’s Grandmother! She, too, spoke of the list of ALL calls to be kept and those of visitors to the “funny farm,” except The Sarge and Happy Ray and the Geek, their names were not to be written! When asked who else gave phone data to the Pelican she mentioned Bill Parker out of Florida, aka “Bad Billy,” and Sharon Whittaker who got CREDIT REPORTS from an auto dealership! She also spoke about renting an apartment in Pasadena so Anthony could tap that area code, and once in the Valley, all to tap, tap away! “You tapping me Tony?” She even spoke briefly of Happy Ray tapping Gaye Lynn Palazzo, this must be happy tapping! Hugs! Kisses! Tapping! the only F*&%ed up part is the Pelican breaking out in scream fits! Show us some love! Ginger Martin was another source for “Phone Info” and Lily spoke about wrapping cash in foil and mailing the cash to the Phone Lady! Tom Cruise was mentioned as a client of the Pellicano and that Arneson ran plates of people who were following him. Lily told the court that Arneson would never ever ask why or what for, he would just do it! Good Boy, Sarge!

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  1. Nice writing style. I will come back to read more posts from you.

    Susan Kishner

  2. flowerz says:

    You should consider writing a book. You are a very interesting writer.

  3. hmm says:

    Great writing again good job John,sounds like a lot of different people are going down in this case..

  4. save something says:

    JN, cannot miss one of your article !

  5. It will be very interesting to see what happens when jury instructions get haggled over. I always love the pomp & circumstance of direct and cross but it comes down to the instructions in the end. I am sure the USA has been laying it out element by element, but it will be good.

    Thanks for the updates. Especially since it leaves a stain on our profession.

  6. Roxana Rotondo says:

    Wonderful story and detailed description! However, I can’t find any photos of this infamous Lily LeMasters. I am so curious about this lady that seems to be a fashion Quenn, seeting a new trend in COURT fashion!!!
    Thumbs up!

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