John’s Rate-a-Judge: Kenneth Black, South District, Long Beach

If ever there was a “Rock Star” in the judicial world, it is my opinion that Judge Kenneth Black would have that title!  His court is never going to be boring as long as he is sitting in the #1 spot.  Judge Black has coined many expressions from the bench, and I believe that I have stolen a few in my discussions with prospective clients.  “Mother Teresa does not marry Attilia the Hun” — the original version was much more colorful, this is the version I use!  As I sit and have to listen to what an SOB her soon-to-be-EX “sperm donor” was, Judge Black reminds us YOU MARRIED HIM!  I believe that this Judge misses nothing!  Nothing!  He notices every little nuance:  the way the parties look, their teeth and how their lips are moving, and believe me that he will hear every word you speak (more likely, even the ones you are thinking), and you better remember that when you stroll into this courtroom!  Not that this is supposed to be entertaining — it is a court of law.  However, just as some lawyers are pleasant to the ear, Judge Kenneth Black will always bring a smile to my face when I hear some of his “Blackisms.”  Judge Black is one of the most savvy family law judges in America today.  This is another Judge that when you enter his court, and those doors close behind you, and you are sitting at the long table (with counsel, I hope), DO NOT PLAY GAMES with this guy!  Be as honest as you can!  Because if you aren’t, remember, “Mother Teresa……..”
Nazarian’s Rating:  ****

15 Responses to John’s Rate-a-Judge: Kenneth Black, South District, Long Beach

  1. David Spann says:

    I cannot agree with you more. My ex dragged me thru Judge Black’s court for over a year and he was amazed at the crap she pulled. In the end though, Judge Black settled our trial with neither one of us extremely happy, but that is the way it should be. Thirteen years later, all is well. Judge Black is the greatest…smarter than any forensic accountant or attorney. He governs his courtroom with respect. We were very lucky to have him as our judge. I respect him very highly.

  2. David Derk says:

    Unfortunately, He is anti-Dad. His dysfunctional personal life crosses over to his decisions. This man allowed my ex-wife to move an hour away leaving me with limited visitation. I had lost everything with the real estate collapsed and ordered alimony which eventually stopped. I had to borrow the money because I had no income. This man needs to retire. 30 years of hearing horror stories would make anyone go over the edge. This “rock star” should end his tour and his cases should be reviewed by competent judges that treat Dads as equal capable parents (until they prove otherwise). The pain he has caused both my son and me by keeping my son away from me is horrific. My son cries kicks and screams every time she comes to pick him up.”too long” “too many sleeps till Im back here”. When I pick him up he runs in my arms squeezing me as hard as he can. I do all I can to help him be happy to see her or go with her. I hate to see him like that. My son is 5. It is heartbreaking. She has to promise him presents when she picks him up.
    Judges should be reviewed by their bias toward mothers. Tragic. This man never even met me, only our attorney’s. 80k in legal fees later…. Her legal fees were 12k. Disgusting. If your a Mom, you have it made with this guy. If your a Dad, kiss your children and give them a big hug goodbye.
    I belong to a couple PACs that are trying to change that to take such power away from Judges such as Black. Making life decisions for children after reading a declaration 10 minutes before ruling. Please retire Judge before more children and father’s are hurt.

  3. LB Mom says:

    Wow David… That’s the first story I’ve heard in favor of the father. I had a horrible experience. I have full physical custody of our childre and he has them 18% of the time and I provide all health insurance, 100% of clothing and needs. My ex was only working part time and he ordered ME to pay HIM $37 a month!!!!!! He did not require him to pay one penny for their needs.)Et he didn’t bring one piece of paper to support his income and expense statement.he lied in front of the judge in regards to how many properties he owned (he claimed a total of 3-yet under oath in front of the judge he stated 5. The judge didn’t care. Now we are struggling and he refuses to pay for anything. Now that’s depressing!!!

  4. Jessica Carranza says:

    I totally agree with David. He is Anti-dads!! My husband went to court after his ex-wife lied on a declaration in order to go back to court for more money.When he proved that she lied, Judge Black did not care to listen. He always spoke directly to the attorneys and never let my husband speak. We spent well over 15 thousand in court/attorneys fees because he kept making my husband pay for her attorneys fees. See would “suddenly” leave her job or get “laid off” every time she went back to court and Judge Black never said a word about it.

    He actually told our attorney that he did not like my husband because he is in law enforcement and that all cops are controlling and aggressive. He even admitted to our attorney that he purposely sent my husband to the most expensive doctor’s office for the 730 evaluation!! How unprofessional is that. My husband is nothing like what the judge thinks. He is caring and compassionate and his ex wfe is just angry and can’t move on. It has been over two months since the evaluation was completed and he went to court. The judge had no choice but to give my husband 50-50 custody which was recommended by the psychologist. The judge still made my husband pay for her attorneys fees even though she failed to pay her 20 percent to the evaluation.By the way…she suddenly found a good job right after the the case was finsihed. And get this,two maonths later, he still hasn’t signed the order granting him the 50/50 custody and reduced child support!! I don’t understand why it’s taking him so long and I feel there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s really sad to see someone is such a high position abuse their power.

  5. Kitcat Black says:

    Wow David,I can’t belive you’re saying that! Ken just happens to be my dad,and he’s AWSOME!You probly don’t know that he’s a great dad. Infact my brother and I are his #1 pryority!Get this, he’s not an anti-dad he is a dad!

  6. John J. Nazarian says:

    Anti Dad? Hmmm not, he is anti bullshit and for that reason Judge Black’s bullshit meter is set to very sensitive! This guy is a good guy and deals with facts and I still give him 4 + Stars, and he’s still the ‘Rock Star of Judges’.

    John J. Nazarian

  7. Cindi Sudeck says:

    John, you really have Judge Black’s number and you are on the money! He detests liars, he is a great dad who loves his kids, and he is ultimately for the “good guy”! He has an absolute “heart of gold” for those he loves and cares about. At the end of the day, he tries his best to do the right thing. He is not “anti-dad” or “anti-mom”, he is just trying to “judge” what he thinks is fair. It is amazing to see the positive responses from his colleagues whenever I go to various functions with him. He is like a “rock-star” in the legal community from San Francisco to San Diego! People respect him, admire him and value his extreme intelligence, keen perception and brilliant memory of the law. Judge Black is the best!

  8. Jon Doe says:

    Judge Ken Black,

    In family Law thier is not a Judge who knows more about Custody, Child Rights, or Family Law. With this said. Judge Black, is like anyone human, although smart and educated with experience, he Judge Black, may sometimes make mistakes or let his own issues get in the way.

    Me personally had Judge Black, as a Judge residing over my case for 15 years, regarding custody (modification) i.e. “out of State”, move away rights.

    The commencement of my proceeding was Pre-Burgess, to explain this case. it defined all move-away issues in the US and the surrounding issues.

    Judge Black, also kept his word, and when he relocated to Long Beach from Los Angeles Courts, “Kept” my case because of its complex nature.

    If I descripe the issues and the actual case in this my writings I become emotional and Law is not an emotional subject, it is facts and prove-able issues with then the discretion of the Judge residing over the matter.

    So in this paragraph with experience, honestly Judge Black is a good Judge and has a Knowledge of the Law is familar and very seldom wrong concerning custody and marital issues, does not like liars, shares his opinion with all and probably does like some more then others, however
    he is favorable in all of his cases to one specific Law Firm “Trope, and Trope” this may be a serious issue.

  9. Kitcat Black says:

    for your information david he did retire and now is the greatest private judge EVER!!!!!! he charges small amount per hour and is great at finding the right answer and doing it fast!!!!!!!

    on top of all that he still has enough time for everything else.
    MOST IMPORTANTLY,,, ME!!!!!!!!!!(and my brother)

  10. Pamela West says:

    I like Judge Kenneth A. Black. He presided over my Divorce from June 2005 to June 2006.
    LOL. I thought that my Divorce was like the END OF THE WORLD until I went to the Library and Checked out some books on the Subject.
    I lost alot of Business and a part in the “Smokin Aces Movie”, to appear for Court in regards to the Visitation & the many EOTSC’s that my Ex put me & the Honorable Jugde through. I am happy to hear that he retired from Long Beach Superior but did not leave the Practice Completely.
    When I heard that he retired, it took all the fun outta going to court becuz I know that he is the only person who would remember & understand the complexity of my Case.
    Though I can’t blame him for retiring… smh. When The Judge stated in my case that he did not know where DisneyLand/ Anaheim was I knew that he had been sitting on the Bench without a break for too long.
    So to the Kids if you read this let your Dad know that he is missed on the Bench in the LB Courthouse, by Pamela West. I am unfortunately sure that he will recall the Brian West -vs Pamela West Case.
    Two Days after he Granted my Divorce I was back to work and I did win all my other cases in regards to my wacky Parenting schedule I had back then, in pro per. (smile)
    I would pay for his private Family Law Services, if needed. He is Just & Fair. Now that Marijuana is Legalized I am okay with saying that, my spouse was basing his grounds for divorce on some Judge she does Drugs & imma practicing to be a Minister(but never named it) in our forms. He just said drugs. Then a year into the Divorce the Judge found out that he was talking about Marijuana, he quickly saw fit to know that I was not a “Bad Mom”. Especially when he said “Have you ever smoked Marijuana Mr. West. and Mr. West replied. Yes, but now she smoke weed with someone else. smh.
    I don’t condone minors smoking weed but at the Age of 28 my spouse and I smoke weed together. Now, that Divorce was an issue and Money is/was not, Marijuana usage was the last bullet he had in the chamber. He wasted our time foolin the Judge like that.
    I can even see him having his own show on Television, but again, that would be taking too much time from the Family.
    I have thought of going to the Courts to get a copy of the Fiasco of a case I had and adding it it the story of my Life. It would fit in the Comedy Section… LOL. I would ask the Judge to play his same role the same way with the same outcome.
    Long story short i’m glad there is a page to share my thoughts on the retired JUDGE Kenneth A. Black.

  11. Kenshaka Ali says:

    Wow, a page devoted to retired Judge KA Black. I can’t resist chiming in, being that I stood before this judge over a five year period 2002- 2007, when he finally ruled in my favor, after taking me through hell to get there. That being said, I couldn’t help but like and respect this judge. I appreciate people who are obvious masters at what they do… And he was strangely funny and entertaining too…

    I’d won my judgement before I even stood before the judge on a default. My daughter’s mom told him that she never answered any of my filed orders and various servings because “she didn’t take it seriously.” (That is, until she saw the Notice of Entry of Judgement.) She came to court and Judge Black essentially threw my judgement out, saying that he had the power to rule from both the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. I am a black man trying to be in my daughter’s life, how do you think he proceeded? That “spirit of the law” allowed him to put me through five years of hell, including allowing the mom (we were never married) to move to the 9th Ward in New Orleans when she had no job, no skills, and no means to support herself in a place she’d never lived. (I know how this sounds, but thank God Katrina took care of that, and they were back in CA in less than a year.)

    The Judge even disagreed with the 730 evaluator, who essentially recommended in my favor! But, like I said, five years later when the judge ruled that I was to share almost 50/50 custody of my daughter (more time, in fact, than in my original judgement), I was happy and the moms cried like a baby in court. I’ll never forget the look on the Judge’s face when she did that… priceless.

    Anyway, she’s at it again now that the Judge has retired and the case has been moved to Riverside. She’s filed an order for modification, filed a bogus restraining order against me, (denied, thank God). She’s telling the same outrageous lies, based entirely on hearsay, and this new Judge is forcing yet another 730 evaluation and taking me through the ringer yet again!

    I wish we still had Judge Black because the mom knows he would’ve promptly put her in her place and in fact, charged her with contempt.

    I wish there was a way I could contact the Judge at his new location, I’m sure he remembers the Ali Vs. Ali case, the deliberations took hours and hours… He warned me that when he retired he couldn’t stop the case being transferred and that this was probably not the end of my days in court. I’d sure like to get his counsel on what I can do to stop all this once and for all. Can you help me Kitcat?

    Beleagured Dad,
    Kenshaka Ali

  12. Sick and Tired says:

    I have to agree with those who say that he is anti-mother. My ex and I got together in high school and over the years (we are both professionals with multiple degrees), he became very violent and abusive, both mentally and physically. So, yes, I made the very big mistake of marrying my ex, but he changed dramatically over the 10+ years leading up to the divorce. So when Judge Black automatically spits out “Mother Teresa doesn’t marry Atila the Hun”, it says to me that he’s automatically biased against me and inclined not to believe me. For many years, I tolerated the abuse because I was ashamed. So, yes, it’s my fault for not reporting it sooner. But even faced with the reports, photographs, and recordings of his threats, and NO evidence that I did anything. I’ll spare you what he did with that information, but I will say that he did absolutely nothing about the fact that my ex (a surgeon who I put through school) lied on several key points in his declarations and his income statement AND he failed to pay the very minimal child support that I was owed AND repeatedly violated custody orders. I proved that my ex committed perjury by recordings of his threats, by subpoenaing his employment information and other “hard” evidence. But Judge Black simply was not interested. Seeing this, my ex just continued to lie through his teeth even more. Due to my ex’s violence, Judge Black did finally order that our custody exchange would take place at the police station and they documented for me dozens of instances when my ex was HOURS late, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and mother’s day. (My ex only lived 10 minutes from the police station.) Again, the judge simply didn’t care.

  13. conny says:

    I was reading all the comments on here and Judge Kenneth Black granted my divorce in 2007 and I thought he was one of the best judges around. He gave me respect and that alone gave me peace. He was a fair judge and very good to me even though I felt at the time to take the rap for a credit card dept that my ex put in that caused me damage in the long run. But I there was no way I was going to bring back an abusive man back into my life and my daughter that was not his. To down Judge Kenneth shows lack of knowledge and of course if you lost. What I saw was a very smart judge that cares.

  14. Jackie says:

    My mother went in front of Judge Black for her divorce, its what lead her to hang her self. He ruled in favor of her ex in everything, houses that they bought together, lived in together, payed off together were given to him. Retirement that was payed in to by each was awarded to him, everything to him. OH wait he (judge black)gave her (in his words) the minivan that was in her name. Ya know its funny his child is on here standing up for him because when I did the same I got scolded by the big judge on the stand. I dont know if judge black was/is anti-mom but he does not like women. well I just happen to see this page had to say something, thanks if you read it

  15. Steve Biner says:

    In regard to the comment by MR.BLACK’S SON. He writes that he (Mr. black’s son)and his brother love their dad. The only problem, is Mr. Black has never had two sons. I have known Ken for almost 40 years, he was a great man, and a great legal expert. I have had many private conversations with him. His goal and intentions were only to do the best one could do in his job positions. He was neither anti-husband or anti-wife. He really wanted to be fair to all parties involved, within the confines of the law. Rest in peace, Kenny

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