John’s Rate-a-Judge: Commissioner James Endman, Dept. 84

Poor Commissioner Endman, is he the Rodney Dangerfield of commissioners at Stanley Mosk (LA County Superior Court)? Once again, this week I have been told by two attorneys that going before this commish is painful! “Cantankerous” is the position of one legal eagle and the head of a very prestigious firm here in Century City. “Miserable, ill-tempered” says another! I have seen Commissioner Endman in action, and I have seen him be perhaps all of the above, but…someone has to like being before him! (?) Please someone come to Endman’s aid and say something nice. On John’s Rate-a-Judge he is going to get one star: * Hey, I like the guy, but then again, not being as old as he is, I too like being cantankerous and miserable sometimes…maybe that is why I am often entertained by this Commish!

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  1. ron litz says:

    he is bright and tries to do the right thing!

  2. matthew Rich says:

    I have enjoyed appearing before Commissioner Endman. I understand when I enter his courtroom that he expects things to be done correctly, and that he has little tolerance for attorneys who are not prepared or are trying to cut corners. He does not make it easy for lawyers, but he does try to follow the rules, so you should know what to expect from him.

  3. My experience with Commissioner Endman is that if you are prepared with a concise presentation of what is actually relevant, he will respect you and your client. He does not suffer fools gladly, however!

  4. I appeared before him once, and he was great, simple and to the point. I caught him on a good day. Having my paperwork in order didn’t hurt either.

  5. wopracing says:

    He is easily persuaded by a pretty face and he likes to make rulings in chamber conferences that can not be held up or overturned. He will not read long lengthy files and can be confused and clouded in his judgement with enough parework.He is not looking out for what is best for children by far.He should be forced to retire.

  6. disgusted citizen says:

    I’ve now had the unpleasant experience in Judge Endman’s courtroom – since I’ve unfortunately been in several (4) other family law judge court rooms here in Los Angeles – on behalf of several friends – This judge Endman should retire – out of the 4 cases I watched he didn’t make ruling on 3 – just pushed them out to another day (seems lunch time was looming due to his constant looking at the clock) the only ruling he did was child support – which my 11 yr old grandson can figure out and take case of

    In my friends case the Judge didn’t even bother to look at both motions – he just pushed it out (now end of June) which as I can see why his calendar is so jammed – due to his not dealing with any issues I saw come before him 3 out of the 4 cases

    I’d suggest anyone who happens to come before him -DO NOT SIGN TO STIUPLATE BEING SEEN BY THIS COMMISSIONER – you will be better off in front of a real judge

  7. Jon Mann says:

    I have had a MOST unpleasant experience in James Endman’s courtroom. My own attorney sold me out and had an old boy’s club meeting in Chambers. I wasn’t told I could insist on a judge and go into chambers… A deal was made that had me paying support to my wife, who is a mutli-millionaire trust baby. I was only allowed to see our son 12 hours a week and 8 were on school days; NO overnights! It took over a year to get the first visit and I was immediately put on supervised visits (at $60 an hour) for giving my son a hair cut. My ex takes him out of state and nothing happens to her. Money talks; she has a famous attorney (who represented Michael Jackson in his custody case and won) and my attorney let Lance Spegel choose Endman… DO NOT STIPULATE TO ACCEPT THIS COMMISSIONER – you will be MUCH better off in front of a real Judge!

  8. Commissioner Endman is the only remaining judicial officer left on the bench since I was admitted back in 1993. I was 26 years old. When I was first sworn in, I did not care for him at all and routinely non stipped him. As I grew into the role of counsel and through the years, I began to like and appreciate him very much. He knows the law like the back of his hand. He is very courteous to attorneys. He has always treated me with the utmost respect. I have come to view him as my favorite judicial officer in LA Central. I have now learned that he is retiring. That is too bad. He is a true lion of the law. I will miss him. Jeffrey L. Hoffer

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